“Matt is filling and illuminating gaps in the hospitality industry that most didn’t know existed.”

– Zoran White, Marben


About Matt Rolfe


Matt Rolfe is a coach, speaker, and entrepreneur who mentors the top ten percent of the hospitality industry toward unlocking their true potential.

As founder of Results Hospitality and Westshore Hospitality Group, he has worked with hundreds of leadership teams throughout North America. Beginning his career with companies like Bacardi and Labatt/Anheuser Busch, Matt has become an industry expert dedicated to helping leaders examine the human element of their businesses and execute effective team-building strategies unique to their needs.

Over his 15+ years leading Westshore Hospitality Group, Matt has studied hundreds of operations and identified what the top ten percent do that’s fundamentally different from the rest of the industry.

Asking the question, “What do they do that makes them stand out from the competition?” Matt has developed concepts that have been tested, challenged, proven, and continuously improved. Everything he coaches and advocates for is based on experience, successes, and failures.

Doing It All?


Designing smarter paths

Matt commonly sees leaders unintentionally racing burnout, hoping to beat it to success – which is often a losing strategy. Many are unwilling to ask for help out of reluctance to give up control, to let go of total responsibility, or to put trust in their teams. But Matt has a knack for finding a way in. He helps plant the seeds of a new leadership model in which the boss doesn’t always have to be the superhero. Where vulnerability, a willingness to trust and delegate, ignites team engagement and opens organizations to lasting successes and talent retention.

Damn right we’re different

How? We help our hospitality customers invest in their people to power the growth of their businesses. Rather than telling people what to do, we inspire leaders to form a clear vision, then own and apply their execution strategies. We adapt to each unique situation and those within it to build stronger core teams through leadership development. What does that translate into? Increased growth, profit and retention of valued people, and leaders equipped to expand their businesses without losing sight of who they are and where they’ve come from.

You Can’t Do It Alone

Book Cover for You Can't Do it Alone by Matt Rolfe

With a new outlook and mounting responsibilities, how do you keep success going? You have too many opportunities and too little time. In a world where indecision only leads to failure, how do you make the right decision that will help you achieve your goals?

This is where the real work begins.

Matt will show you how to maximize profit and scale your business with solutions focusing on the people behind your company. You’ll learn how to build a strong team and delegate effectively, with focused goals, inclusive strategies and open, impactful communication. The growth of your business depends on the people who work for you, and their success depends on you.

“I met Matt some time ago and started to work with him a couple of years later in 2015. He is an excellent speaker and coach who understands the hospitality industry through his many experiences.

The fundamental concept of empowering your people to achieve organizational goals is how the wheel begins to rotate. As it gains speed and you begin to feel the momentum, this is where change happens and becomes inevitable. He guides you every step of the way to put words into action. As this also defines your culture, it ensures consistency in your operation, quality of your product, and customer experiences. Because you can’t do it alone…”

DOMENIC PRIMUCI, President, Pizza Nova

“I spent the first 25 years of my career working 75-80 hours each week, trying to do it alone. Matt gave me the tools and the confidence in my team to step aside and let my leaders lead….and that they did. It’s been an amazing journey watching our team develop while allowing me to focus on the growth of our business and more importantly the growth of my family.”

MICK KINGSTON, General Manager of Food and Beverage, Georgina College

“Strategy and execution must be inseparable. Understanding you can’t do it alone will expedite your execution abilities moving you towards your long-term goals quicker and more efficiently… We are all born with different abilities. Matt’s ability to understand your business and implement people, profit, and growth strategy is his true innate ability.”

TREVOR BRODIE, Director of Operations, Amsterdam BrewHouse

“I’ve worked with Matt on several projects over the past few years. He invariably brings new insight to the conversation and challenges the team to get to the root cause of problems and not “fluff it up”. His approach makes people comfortable to discuss tough issues and still take responsibility to ensure plans are executed. He shows great leadership and gets the best out of people.”

SEAN BAYLEY, President, FAB Concepts Inc.

“The tools, insights, and perspective that Matt shares in his book have been profound in elevating my leadership and results. Being a leader or restaurant owner can feel lonely sometimes and unlocking the power and energy that our teams can provide are paramount to achieving success and new results in our business. If you want to take your business, operating teams’ performance and leadership to the next level, this book is a must-read. ”

JORGE SOARES, Vice President of Operations, Woodbine Entertainment Group



Transformative keynotes for hospitality industry leaders focused on execution and implementation.

Are you looking to get more from your annual conferences, strategy sessions, or leadership team offsite meetings? Most teams feel energized after attending such events, but when reconvening at follow-up events, they often feel they didn’t deliver on their commitments or failed to execute everything as hoped. Although they’re seeing solid results, these leaders and their teams become overwhelmed and don’t feel that they are winning.

Matt has had the chance to lead hundreds of keynotes and leadership workshops and will work with each team to ensure there is clarity and alignment on both the intention and outcome for the workshop. All speaking engagements are designed with an execution mindset. Based on what is discussed and shared, you’ll be able to identify what your commitments are and what you will do differently to achieve the results you want and deserve as a team and organization.

Matt’s most popular in-demand talks are outlined below. Apply today to have Matt create, design, lead and inspire your next team event.

Matt has fired up audiences at Restaurant Canada, ORHMA, Cocca, Atlanta Restaurant Show and the Orlando Restaurant Show.

Matt’s been a keynote speaker for some of the world’s largest brands, helping both restaurant operators and supplier sales teams understand the true needs of the foodservice industry. Some of these include Bacardi & Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Anheuser Busch, and Diageo.



You Can’t Do It Alone: Focusing on People to Scale, Develop and Lead Your Restaurant


What the top 10% of industry leaders and brands do differently: How to create and implement an execution-focused strategy


Let’s not just talk about mental health, let’s take action: 12 simple, liberating mental health strategies you can put to work today for yourself and your people


The leadership pandemic: How success in our industry depends entirely on your ability to retain, develop and attract top talent

“It’s imperative that my team has outside education from experts that are in line with my training but a different perspective. An investment in my team and team bonding”

ERIN GAMELIN, Scout/Louis Cifer

“Interesting, dynamic speakers, informative and inspiring. There is not enough of this in our industry.”


“Valuable information, distilled into usable segments which can be readily passed onto frontline staff. Plenty of actionable items allowed my team and I to be candid, authentic and honest about the business and ourselves.”


“Very good presentation, with an amazing approach to team development and growth within our operation”

MIKE FARRINGTON, Georgian College

“Many useful concepts to drive focus and performance management. I feel this workshop provided clarity and direction. I feel empowered leaving today!”


“The workshop gave me the opportunity to evaluate the struggle and daily issues and self-evaluate what myself and my team can do to start moving forward.”


Westshore Online Leadership Mastery


Our industry was changed forever by the COVID-19 pandemic. For growth-scaling restaurant groups or teams to thrive, they must be able to create and then engage their people in a clear vision grounded in an execution-focused strategy.

And you can’t do this alone. So having a people-focused strategy that allows you to support the growth and development of your existing and future leaders is not just a SHOULD OR COULD DO. Given the current leadership shortage and skyrocketing employee turnover rate, it’s a MUST DO.

Whether you’re an owner, executive, manager or supervisor, Westshore Online will show you how to create a clear execution focused strategy that is driven by growing and developing leadership within your business.

Matt standing in background with Westshore Online Link



Matt works with approximately 12 hospitality entrepreneurs, senior leaders and leadership teams per year. This program is for leaders growing and scaling multisite-restaurant operations and hospitality industry suppliers committed to scaling and growing of their people, their teams and their business results.

Apply now to have a one-on-one coaching call with Matt. There is no pitch, no sale on this call. If you qualify, this call is about you and what you and your team need to move toward your goals. If and when appropriate, Matt’s team will follow up to discuss the possibility of ongoing coaching and support.

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